Doors and Trim

Replacing doors and trim are an attractive part of a residence. Have the doors and trim in sequence with the material color and style of the kitchen cabinetry makes for an appealing flow of the residence.

Solid core slab or panel pre hung with applied finish prior to install. Have a case and base trim of the same wood specie. The trim can be of many different profiles or even square stock.

Be aware of pre-hung doors and mill work purchased from big box stores. In most cases the wood has a high moisture content and installing in our climate over time the wood will shrink. Is best if you can have wood at 6-8 % or less of moisture content to help eliminate shrinkage.

(Note) if you replace your existing mouldings and do not plan to entirely paint or wallpaper your residence it is recommended to go with a wider than existing to cover your paint line from existing mouldings in place. A wider moulding will cover your existing paint line but still should be caulked in place.

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