Many Options for Renovation

It is also important to mention that bathroom remodeling projects can help to increase a property’s value. That is one of the biggest pros to having your bathroom remodeled.

Countertops; Replacing countertops is a quick remedy but can lead to other unknowns that surface in replacement. Damage on removal of the existing countertop to the cabinet. This can cause unwanted repairs to the existing cabinet and may then have the factor of repairing the cabinet or replacing.

If you are electing to save the sink and faucet for reuse, this can really be a future problem if not careful on quality of product you are saving is carefully inspected for defects. Removal of the faucet can be difficult to save for the base plate is prone to break on removal, the valve seats are prone to leak on re install, supply lines highly recommended to be replaced and the supply angle stops. Waste line to the sink highly recommended to replace almost guaranteed to leak if not. If the existing vanity sink is to be reused, pending if under mount and of ceramic this my crack on removal. Most of the time sinks can be saved for re-use if careful attention is done on removal from the top you are replacing.

If your residence has a bathtub in each bath a conversion to a walk in shower will be a good resale item, typically of the master bath area. Suggested to keep at least or have a bathroom with one tub for resale value.

Shower closures; can be a real appealing item to enhance the bathroom, a tiled in euro shower style gives a sleek modern appearance. Sliding framed doors are economical but are of an ongoing maintenance item if not inspected frequently with usage. Barn style doors with overhead hardware give you another choice that may work if there is an obstruction application for install to deal with.

If you are considering replacing a bathtub it is possible to have refinished to a color mending with other finishes. Most common is from a white tub to a bisque or light almond finish. This may be a great incentive instead of replacing. This procedure can be of cost saving specifically that you will not have to remove drywall, and or the tilled in wall for removal and replacement. If you are not doing a major renovation of the bathroom this is a good recommendation.

Jacuzzi tub if you are considering keep in mind you need to have a dedicated circuit for proper building code operation. If this is not readily available a new feed from the electrical panel may need to be ran. This holds as well for additional steam shower installation.

In some residences here in the village the residence has space that is accommodation of a dry sauna. Majority of owners have vacated these or converted into a catch all closet for storage. This room can easily be converted into a laundry, ski storage area for better usage. In some cases additional bathroom conversion. Keep in mind with this type of renovation when major electrical and or plumbing is configured a building permit will be required.
There are many options available for a bathroom renovation. I can help guide you through the materials selection, renovation to completion.

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